How do you work?
You contact us by email or preferably by WhatsApp, telling us: * The trip that interests you (Discovery or Adventure) * The places that interest you * The most favorable period for you * The number of motorcycles.
From there a dialogue will be established between us in order to stick to your wishes. Everything is personalized.

Why don't you have more powerful bikes?
Import taxes in Indonesia are 100%. Renting large cubes would be too expensive. The other reason is that there are few or no highways in Indonesia and they are prohibited to motorbikes. The maximum speeds on the roads are 80-100 km/hour.

Why only Kawasaki 250 or Honda 250 for the "Explorations"?
The enemy is "weight"! During our "Exploration" tours we have to cross rivers in small boats. Handling heavy motorcycles is problematic and dangerous. The maneuverability of these 2 motorcycles is no longer to be demonstrated.

Can two people be on a motorcycle?
Yes. The limitation is 150 kgs for the crew with a maximum of 15 kgs of luggage.

Can a child be taken as passenger?
Yes. From 15 years under the responsibility of the parents.

What is the best season?
The equatorial climate allows us to ride all year round. There will always be sunshine and a bit of rain.

Should we form a group?
It's ideal because you'll already know each other. However if you are solo or 2 or 3, contact us with your tour preferences and dates. We will publish, if you wish, the "creation of a group" in order to find other people.

Where can we go?
On the map of Indonesia in the "Discovery & Adventure" section, you will find all the places we can go and discover. Let us know your desires and create your own circuit. We are listening to you.

Do you have another Big Project?
Yes! We are preparing the "Tour of Borneo" (4th island in the world) in 45 days. West Indonesian Borneo - Malaysian Borneo (Sarawak - Sabah) - Brunei - East Indonesian Borneo - 8 motorcycles are available to date.


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